About Audrey


Audrey is an agouti giant and like little Cuddles has lost mobility in her back legs.

Audrey’s condition was caused by a condition  called E. cunniculi When she lost her mobility, her owner was unable to care for her so she was  surrendered to the Orphanage.

Audrey is a gentle and friendly bunny, and will lick you in thanks for her care, she also loves  a pat.

When Cuddles met Audrey, she loved her and positioned herself below Audrey for licks.  Audrey lives permanently at the Orphanage as she is a high needs bunny.  The Orphanage covers all of her vet care.


About Bunny Sponsorship


Providing the gift of life costs the Orphanage $100,000 a year in vet care. Amputations, dental and eye removals are common in rabbits. All mainstream rescues, shelters and pounds send their animals to the Orphanage. We receive no funding and provide an option to euthanasia for these vulnerable creatures. Your gift of life will assist us to continue our work.


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19 Stanley Street, Olinda

VIC 3788

Ph: 03 9751 1229

Rabbit Run-Away Orphanage

ABN:  42 975 123 153



 Tuesday to Saturday 

by Appointment


Parking on the property is limited. We have a very steep driveway with limited turning space.

If you are worried about our steep driveway, please park on the Mt Dandenong Tourist Rd near the Mt Dandenong Hotel, walk past the Vet, turn into Illoura St then left into Stanley St.  Our property is on the left, only a 5 minute walk.

PLEASE NOTE: There is NO public parking in Stanley St.  Please DO NOT park in resident's driveways or in front of their homes, as this disrupts the neighbors access and parking for their family/visitors.