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Sponsor Roschelle

Sponsor Roschelle

About Roschelle


Roschelle has had an eye removed.

Roschelle was found with trauma to her eye. A visit to the vet confirmed that the eye was blind and infected.  She went through the surgery to have the eye removed. 

Roschelle is a lot happier, however she is also prone to episodes of gut stasis and has spent  time in hospital.

She will go to a permanent foster home as she is a high needs bunny.  The Orphanage covers all of her vet care.





About Bunny Sponsorship


Providing the gift of life costs the Orphanage $100,000 a year in vet care. Amputations, dental and eye removals are common in rabbits. All mainstream rescues, shelters and pounds send their animals to the Orphanage. We receive no funding and provide an option to euthanasia for these vulnerable creatures. Your gift of life will assist us to continue our work.

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