About us

RABBIT RUN-AWAY ORPHANAGE is a non-profit organisation and operates as an incorporated association. It is a public charity, run by a committee of management and a small dedicated group of volunteers. The Orphanage receives no government funding and is reliant on donations and fundraising. It is an entity that belongs to all people that care about the welfare of pet rabbits.


Rabbit Run-Away Orphanage aims to:

  • provide care for sick, unwanted, stray, or mistreated rabbits

  • facilitate

    • appropriate short-term care

    • medical treatment

    • rehabilitation treatment

    • long-term re-homing solutions

  • educate the public on rabbit ownership and care

  • prevent unnecessary euthanasia of rabbits

  • discourage cruelty to rabbits


Judi & Bryce Inglis have been advocates for the companion pet rabbit and involved in animal welfare work and education for a number of years.


Where do the rabbits come from?

Rabbits come to Rabbit Run-Away Orphanage as ‘overflows’ from other animal shelters, council pounds, private rescues and vet clinics throughout Victoria. Rabbits also come to the orphanage as a result of being dumped, neglected, or rescued through the orphanage’s rescue service.

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Charity Status

Rabbit Run-Away Orphanage was officially formed and received charity status in July 2009 and represents the consolidation of their work. Judi and Bryce continue to work tirelessly to have the pet rabbit included under animal law and to educate the public to the needs and nature of this unique pet.

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House Rabbit Society Chapter

Judi & Bryce formed the first chapter of the esteemed House Rabbit Society in October 2013. They are also educators for the House Rabbit Society, the oldest and most respected rabbit welfare charity in the world.

More about House Rabbit Society Australia Chapter


Humble Beginnings

Judi & Bryce’s passion for the pet rabbit was born in 2003 when two bunnies arrived through a hole in their back fence. The two young giants were Hiro and Chi (RIP). The couple was intrigued by their intelligence and unique nature, and when they became aware of the high number of rabbits dumped in night boxes at shelters and subsequently euthanised, their journey into pet rabbit welfare began.  They had eight rabbits in their own bunny family prior to starting the rescue.  Chi, Hiro, Mali, Tai, Tulip, Lori, Gia, and Fleur.

Tai and Mali (RIP)

Hiro & Chi (RIP) 

Lori (RIP) 

Fleur  (RIP) 

Tulip (RIP) 

Gia (RIP) 

Judi & Bryce with Tai (RIP) 


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19 Stanley Street, Olinda

VIC 3788

Ph: 03 9751 1229


Rabbit Run-Away Orphanage

ABN:  42 975 123 153



 Tuesday to Saturday 

by Appointment


Parking on the property is limited. We have a very steep driveway with limited turning space.

If you are worried about our steep driveway, please park on the Mt Dandenong Tourist Rd near the Mt Dandenong Hotel, walk past the Vet, turn into Illoura St then left into Stanley St.  Our property is on the left, only a 5 minute walk.

PLEASE NOTE: There is NO public parking in Stanley St.  Please DO NOT park in resident's driveways or in front of their homes, as this disrupts the neighbors access and parking for their family/visitors.