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Rabbit Boarding

We all worry about our pets when we need to go away for a period of time.  There are many places that offer boarding for rabbits.  The astute rabbit owner should investigate each place prior to leaving your pet.

We prioritise our foster buns and those adopted from us. We specialise in supporting special needs rabbits, pre and post operative care and support.  All boarding funds go to support the health and vet care of the orphanage rabbits.

Special Needs Buns

We are very experienced with special needs buns and pre- and post-surgery recovery.


We provide a range of specialist minding services under veterinary advice such as: administering medications, administering injections, administering sub-cutaneous fluids, feeding critical care...etc.

Rabbits with special needs or health issues require specialised care. It is important to seek advice from a bunny savvy vet and that your rabbit receives appropriate care from knowledgable and experienced carers acting under veterinary instruction.

Remember to book well in advance for Christmas, Easter, school holiday and long weekends as most boarding facilities are booked out well in advance.


You need to establish what experience the operators have with rabbits.  

Are they experienced in identifying health issues?.

Do they have protocols to establish if the rabbit is not eating?

Are they experienced in treating health conditions under vet advice?.  

Do they have vets for rabbits that they can take the rabbit to 24/7?


Is the rabbit housed indoors or outdoors?

Are the facilities protected from the heat and cold?

Are the facilities mosquito and predator proof?

Are there other predator animals at the same facility?

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