Bunny Information

Rabbits are prey animals and frighten easily, they need specialist care from attentive and responsible adult  owners. Responsible ownership requires an understanding of your rabbit’s basic health needs.  Rabbits can suffer from health conditions that are unique to their species. Not all vets specialise in rabbit health, so it is important to find a bunny savvy vet or a vet that is willing to liaise with a bunny savvy vet.

Rabbit Care

Rabbits are prey animals and can hide illness, owners need to look for signs of altered behaviour

Vets & Services

We have listed the name of the vets that we are familiar with, however, there may be additional vets at that location who also see rabbits.

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Indoor Setup

Can you house your bunnies safely indoors to protect them from predators and viruses?

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Rabbits in Australia are facing the deadly calici and myxomatosis viruses.  Find out more and learn how to protect your bunny.

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Rabbit & Humans

Rabbits can make fantastic house pets for the family and can live up to 12 years. 

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Rabbit & Animals

Introducing a rabbit to another animal is best done slowly, over a period, in a controlled environment.