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Our Wish List

If you are unable to volunteer, foster/adopt or help fundraise for Rabbit Run-Away Orphanage but would like to do something to assist please see our wish list below.  We can always do with donations of goods to assist in caring for our orphan and special need bunnies or raising money for their care which may include:


  • oaten or grass hay (NO PetBarn compressed mini bales please)

  • fresh salad greens (NO iceberg lettuce, cabbage of cauliflower leaves)

  • Jack Rabbit plain (treat) pellets, oxbow or burgess

Bunny Things

  • flat bottomed water bowls

  • chew or toss toys (bird toys)

  • treat balls

  • short cat tunnels, cat scratching posts (2 level with 2 opening in box)

  • 8 panel pet fences

  • picnic rugs 

  • bunny maze

Cleaning Things

* biodegradable clothes liquid detergent and bleach

* long-handled dustpan and brooms

* Bin liners (240 litre and 76 litre)

Face washers (for cleaning cloths)


Medical Care

* Revolution (kitten pack or other)

* puppy training pads (large)

* cotton makeup wipes and cotton buds for medical use


Other Things

* brightly colored/patterned children's doona covers (from op shops)

  (see bunny enclosure mats)

* carpet tiles

* animal healing CDs

* Financial support for vet bills (see donations below)



Rabbit Run-Away Orphanage is a registered non-profit organisation which has been endorsed by the Australian Tax Office as a Deductible Gift Recipient. All donations over $2 are tax deductible. Donations are used to provide housing, bedding, food, medical treatment for our bunny orphans and long-term re-homing solutions.  Please keep any online receipts  for your donations, as these can be used for tax receipts at tax time.


Donations can be made

  • through our PayPal link, donation link or  fundraising links on our website;

  • cheques can be made out to Rabbit Run-Away Orphanage Inc. 

  • Direct deposit is also available using the bank details above.

A bunny sitting next to some cups
Craft Projects

Any hand made items for our craft markets

Bunny Enclosure Mats 

We use pre loved children's doona covers from the opp shops to make our hutch mats.  We use 2 sizes:

Long Mats: 72cm X 175cm
Short Mats: 72cm X 118cm


Preloved materials: - add 3cm seam allowance to the above measures, breadth, and length.


New fabric - add 5cm to the breadth and 8cm to the length.

This should ensure that the hutch mats fit after several wash cycles.​

Share Gift Donation


It’s easy to donate unwanted shares to Rabbit Run-Away Orphanage Inc


Your small share parcels can now be easily sold via an initiative which can benefit Rabbit Run-Away Orphanage Inc,  at no cost to you and in a tax-effective way – through ShareGift Australia.


Have you considered making a Bequest to Rabbit Run-Away Orphanage Inc?


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