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Becoming a Rabbit Run-Away Orphanage volunteer is a great way to help our orphaned rabbits, and a great way to meet new people and to extend your existing skill base and understanding of rabbit husbandry and care.

Are you over 16 years to mature age and want to make a difference to pet rabbits. We need you!

NOTE: volunteers under 18 years need parental consent. 


Volunteer shifts from 8:30am - 13:30pm on any day of the week and a commitment of a weekly or fortnightly shift is preferred.

For more questions, please email

Volunteer positions

A man and a woman, each holding a bunny

Animal shelter volunteer


This Onsite Animal Shelter Volunteer (Shelter Attendant) role is to for maintain the overall cleanliness of the Orphanage, the work areas and the bonding spaces to a clean, hygienic condition for disease control.  Follow instructions diligently in order to maintain the health of the rabbits.

Rabbit Runaway volunteers

Other roles

Onsite / Offsite

Assistance is also required for SUITABLY SKILLED  or PRACTICAL AND MATURE PERSONS.  The areas of volunteer work are unlimited, and some activities can be undertaken off-site such as fundraising activities and our in-store information promotions. 

Call Judi (03) 9751 1220

Animal shelter volunteer (onsite)

Animal shelter voluntee


  • Responsible, mature, physically able and be vigilant of cleaning protocols

  • Long term commitment is preferred. Shift can be once a week or once a fortnight. Email if have any other questions

  • Position open from 16 years old to mature age volunteers, if you are under 18years old volunteers parental consent is required.

  • Download Job description here

Hours:  8.30am - 13.30 (or until finished approx. 1.30pm)

Hours in summer days over 30 degrees (high fire risk days):  7-7.30am start - until finished


  1. Please consider our location, transport and travel time before applying

  2. Training: New Volunteers must undertake online training sessions before commencing their shifts, and well as ongoing training once onsite

Other volunteer roles (onsite / offsite)

Administration tasks (3 positions) (onsite permanent volunteer role once a week)

Position 1. General administration activities, keeping files, adoption records and foster information up to date.

Position 2. Foster Program: monitoring and support of pets and carers in our foster care program

Position 3. Manage and maintain online shop. Taking photos and adding descriptions of items as they come in to the orphanage.

Volunteer social media & content creator (offsite & onsite once a week)

  • posts and pictures to promote adoptions and donations

  • Photography

  • Journalism for Newsletter

Volunteer Marketing (offsite role & briefing onsite once a fortnight)

  • Marketing activities

Volunteer Event organiser (offsite & onsite once a week)

  • Fundraising

  • Craft markets – research when and where there are local markets and coordinating a stall

  • Educational offsite events

  • Corporate sponsor coordinator

IT specialist

  • Database development and management

  • Website design and management

  • (App Development)

How to apply other volunteer roles

For Skilled position, or other ways you can help, please Phone Judi on 9751 1229 

Other roles

Volunteer Portal

For active volunteer only. Volunteer portal includes:

  1. Online roster (password required)

  2. Training materials


Please email if you have not received the information above.

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