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Becoming a Rabbit Run-Away Orphanage volunteer is a great way to help our orphaned rabbits, and a great way to meet new people and to extend your existing skill base and understanding of rabbit husbandry and care.

Are you over 16 years to mature age and want to make a difference to pet rabbits. We need you! NOTE: volunteers under 18 years need parental consent. 

For more questions, please email

Volunteer positions

A man and a woman, each holding a bunny

Animal Shelter Volunteer


This Onsite Animal Shelter Volunteer (Shelter Attendant) role is to for maintain the overall cleanliness of the Orphanage, the work areas and the bonding spaces to a clean, hygienic condition for disease control.  Follow instructions diligently in order to maintain the health of the rabbits.


Hours: 8.30am-12.30pm (or until finished)

Weekly or Fortnightly shifts available

​Consider our location before applying

See Shelter Attendant Role



For questions email

Rabbit Runaway volunteers

Other Roles

Onsite / Offsite

Assistance is also welcomed from SUITABLY SKILLED or PRACTICAL AND MATURE PERSONS.  Dedication and commitment is imperative.


The areas of volunteer work are unlimited, and some activities can be undertaken off-site such as

fundraising, helping with social media activities or helping at offsite events.


Other activities can be project based such as planning fundraisers, marketing related activities.



For further information on opportunities please email 

or phone  Judi (03) 9751 1229


Corporate Volunteers


The Orphanage offers volunteer experiences for corporate individuals as well as smaller corporate teams.


Individuals/couples can join us for a once off experience as shelter attendants on limited week days.

Hours: 8.30-12.30

Consider our location before contacting us.

See Shelter Attendant Role


Teams of 4 to 8 persons, can join us for a paid team experience.

Hours: 10am - 1pm

See Corporate Team Experience

For corporate experiences please email or

phone Judi (03) 9751 1229

Other roles
Animal shelter voluntee

Volunteer Portal

For active volunteers only. Volunteer portal includes:

  1. Online roster (password required)

  2. Training and support materials


Please email if you have not received the information above.

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