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Becoming a Rabbit Run-Away Orphanage volunteer is a great way to help our orphaned rabbits, and a great way to meet new people and to extend your existing skill base and understanding of rabbit husbandry and care.  


Hours:  8.30am - until finished (approx 12.30pm) CLICK for position description

Summer days over 30 degrees:(high fire risk days): 7-7.30am - until finished

  1. Please consider our location, transport and travel time before applying

  2. Training: New Volunteers must undertake online training sessions before commencing their shifts, and well as ongoing training once onsite.




Hours: when needed

Prerequisites: Mature and reliable. Must be experienced to do subcutaneous injections and subcutaneous fluids, administer medications, and critical care feeding.

Duties: preparing and administering medications to the rabbits including injections.  Cleaning wounds, some grooming when needed.



Assistance is also required for SUITABLY SKILLED  or EXPERIENCED PERSONS.  The areas of volunteer work are unlimited, and some activities can be undertaken off-site such as fundraising activities and our in-store information promotions. Other areas in which volunteers can assist include:


  • General administration activities

  • Monitoring and support of pets and carers in our foster care program

  • Database development and management

  • Media relations

  • Book-keeping

  • Website design and management

  • App Development

  • Fundraising

  • Educational Offsite Events

  • Corporate Sponsor Coordinator

  • Marketing

  • Journalism for Newsletter

  • Skilled positions 

  • Veterinary Medical Support

  • Other ways you can help

Phone 9751 1229 and speak to Judi



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