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An Enclosure at the Orphanage


All Sponsorships are tax deductible.


Sponsorship of our pet enclosures at the Orphanage is offered to assist us to cover the vet care for our VIB rabbits with health issues. 

Why sponsor
Rabbit Runaway Orphanage

When you become a corporate sponsor for Rabbit Runaway Orphanage we will ensure that our collaboration compliments your existing brand values, enhances your image, and provides a platform to increase the positive community perception, values and credibility of your business/product.


Benefits for your business

The operators of Rabbit Runaway Orphanage have worked with rabbits in an educational and welfare environment for 23 years and have a wealth of experience and knowledge that is recognized across the welfare community.  We have a dedicated following of animal welfare advocates that are passionate and willing to support businesses with like minded values.  Aligning your organisation with us immediately adds to the credibility of your brand, in today’s socially conscious world.

How the Orphanage will benefit

Your donation of sponsorship will assist us to provide the initial vet care for our VIB rabbits to maintain a healthy and extended life for these disadvantaged pets. 


With the support of our corporate sponsors, the opportunities is real and life changing for the animals. There are a number of ways in which your business or corporation can get involved. However you choose to help, you'll send a message to the community about your commitment to supporting animal welfare and education pathways.

Sponsorship Information

A bunny
Buy A Bunny A Little Time

For $250

Help support our community

A bunny
Bronze Sponsor

For $600

Sponsor a bunny enclosure for 6 months

A bunny
Silver Sponsor

For $1000

Sponsor a 'silver' bunny enclosure for 12 months

A bunny
Gold Sponsor

For $1500

Sponsor a 'gold' bunny enclosure for 12 months

Two bunnies
Diamond Sponsor

For $2000

Sponsor a 'bunny medical recovery' cage for 12 months

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