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Rabbits and Humans

Rabbits are delicate, affectionate and lovable creatures that can bond with their owners and the right companion rabbit.  Due to their prey nature and frail bones, they are not suitable as a child's pet. Any children under 8yrs, must be supervised around the animal at all times.  Rabbits can be toilet trained and are clean, quiet animals. Their behaviour changes as they grow from babies to adults. With a quiet home away from predators, the correct diet and a regular check-up from a bunny savvy vet, indoor rabbits can live to 12 years of age.

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Is a Rabbit The Right Pet For Your Child?

The pet shops sell baby rabbits that are soft, fluffy and pliable, but when the rabbit reaches three to four months of age, they develop their personalities and most find being handled terrifying.

Two bunnies

Bunny Proof Your Home

Rabbit Proofing your home will prevent damage, protecting your rabbit and providing safe chewing alternatives for your pet.

A baby bunny

Hand Rearing Baby Rabbits

Find out how to do Infant Rabbit Care: hand rearing baby rabbits from our eBook

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Rabbits And Children

80% of rabbits surrendered to Rescue is because the rabbit was purchased for a child. Young children can lose interest within a week of purchase, with older children it is often when they reach their teenage years and want to spend time pursuing hobbies and friends.

A bunny with it's owner

Rabbit's Outside Playtime

The pleasures of outdoors including fresh air, sunshine, and freedom to run, chew and dig must be balanced against rabbit viruses, predator attack and weather.

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Rabbit Carer's List

Rabbits like routine and this forms an important part of preparing them for their new homes. Also having a routine allows us to pick-up if a rabbit is unwell.

A bunny, named Hamlin

Rabbits In Schools

We consider that few classroom environments can meet the many needs of rabbits as a home environment could. If you are considering a classroom rabbit, we hope we can convince you that it is not a good idea or in the best interest of the animal's welfare.

A bunny playset with toys

Indoor Setup

Can you house your bunnies safely indoors to protect them from predators and viruses?

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Rabbits in Rental Properties

You do not need to give up your pet if you are in a rental property.  Find out about your rights if you are renting in Victoria.

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