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Boy Buns for Adoption


ON HOLD means that the bunnies are on hold for 1 WEEK ONLY for adopters.

ON TRIAL means that the bunnies are on a two week trial in their new homes.

VIB BUNS:  These buns go into permanent homes, and the Orphanage can help with their vet care and provide a basic indoor setup if needed.

BONDING FROM: For those looking at bonding their own rabbit with an Orphanage bun, male buns need time for their hormones to settle before bonding them with a desexed female bun.

Please call us to check if the rabbit you are interested in is still available on 9751 1229. You may trial a bunny at home prior to formalising the adoption.

Before contacting us please visit this link

Prince George


Sex: Male

DOB: 6/9/2019

Breed: Lop

With an energy that's boundless and a curiosity that's insatiable, Prince George is always on the move, eager to explore and be part of the action. He'll be right by your side, eager to know what you're up to and ready for any adventure you have in store. 🌟🌿
This little prince has a heart of gold and a spirit that's as healthy as can be, despite some kidney issues. Rest assured, he'll be under our permanent foster program, receiving all the love and care he deserves. 🏡💫



Sex: Male

DOB: 11/2/2022

Breed: Lop

A lively and inquisitive grey lop bunny with a zest for life that's simply infectious! 🐰💖

Teddy's energy is boundless, and his curiosity knows no limits. 🌟🌿

But amidst his lively antics, Teddy has a soft spot for head pats and is always ready for some well-deserved affection. 🥰🐾


Sex: Male

DOB: 11/5/2021

Breed: Standard

Wave came to us from a council pound as a baby. It is his time to find his own loving home. He is the most interactive bunny – he loves to zoom and binky up and down hallways, and even plays hide and seek! He literally “buzzes” with excitement to see you in the morning, or when you bring him treats or salad.
He has so much love to give, anyone would be lucky to add Wave to their family. 💕❤💕🐇

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