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Boy Buns for Adoption


ON HOLD means that the bunnies are on hold for 1 WEEK ONLY for adopters.

ON TRIAL means that the bunnies are on a two week trial in their new homes.

VIB BUNS:  These buns go into permanent homes, and the Orphanage can help with their vet care and provide a basic indoor setup if needed.

BONDING FROM: For those looking at bonding their own rabbit with an Orphanage bun, male buns need time for their hormones to settle before bonding them with a desexed female bun.

Please call us to check if the rabbit you are interested in is still available on 9751 1229. You may trial a bunny at home prior to formalising the adoption.

Before contacting us please visit this link

Mr Honey


Sex: Male

DOB: 9/1/2021

Breed: Lop



Sex: Male

DOB: 10/20/2023

Breed: Dutch x

With his handsome features and adorable pixie-like face, Lynk is sure to capture your heart at first glance. Despite his small stature, he possesses an abundance of charm and charisma that shines brightly wherever he goes. 🥰🌟

Friendly and inquisitive by nature, Lynk is always eager to explore his surroundings and embark on new adventures. Whether he's hopping around in excitement or engaging in playful antics, his zest for life is truly infectious. 💕🐾

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