🥕 How much is the adoption fee? 
    ⁃    120 regardless of single, duo or trio bunnies.

🥕 What does the adoption fee cover? 
    ⁃    All our bunnies have been desexed and vaccinated before they are ready to be adopted. 

🥕 Can I adopt a baby bunny from you? 
    ⁃    Yes, but only once they’ve been weaned from their mum. Although they can start nibbling on hay and pellets from 2-4 weeks they still need mum’s milk until they are 8 weeks or more. 

🥕 What do I need to be approved for adoption? 
    ⁃    Please have a photo of your indoor setup ready during your appointment. For examples please refer to: Indoor setup PDF

🥕 How do I book an appointment for adoption? 
   ⁃    Please ring Judi on 97511229. 

🥕 What’s your address?
   ⁃    19 Stanley Street, Olinda VIC 3188 (up in Mt. Dandenong) 

🥕 Do you only approve indoor housing? 
   ⁃    Yes. For the benefits please refer to: Indoor setup

🥕 Do you offer bunny-bonding services?
   ⁃    Yes, by appointment. The bonding service is provided for free but any donation towards our rescue is very much appreciated. 

🥕 How long can bunnies live for? 
   ⁃    If properly cared for, they can often live up to 10 years or more. 

🥕 Is a bunny the right pet for children? 
   ⁃    Bunnies are prey animals and don’t like to be picked up or handled. Adults should also be the primary carers and children can assist in their wellbeing. Please refer to: Pets & human

🥕 What’s a VIB? 
   ⁃    They are Very Special Bunnies. They are a part of our permanent foster program and have existing health challenges or special needs. They are often picked last so this program helps them get a second chance with a furever home & family. 

🥕 What’s the difference between fostering and adoption? 
   ⁃    Our foster program is unique because it permanently covers our VIBs. All their vet bills are looked after by the orphanage and their indoor setup up is provided for free. For more information: Adopt and Foster

🥕 Can a bunny live with another animal other than another bunny at home? 
   ⁃    Yes if they are introduced properly and ALWAYS supervised. For more information: Rabbits and animals

🥕 What should I feed my bunny? 
   ⁃    Their ideal diet is 80% oaten hay, 15% greens/veggies and 5% treats(including pellets). Please provide fresh, clean water daily. For a list of safe veggies and fruits, refer to the food chart

🥕 How can I help? 
   ⁃    Thank you! We’re always looking for regular volunteers who can commit to weekly or fortnightly visits. Please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch shortly: Volunteer application 

🥕 What’s the best way to donate funds? 
   ⁃    Donating directly using our bank details is fee-free: Rabbit Run-Away Orphanage Inc. / BSB: 633-000 / Acc No: 150-845-444
   ⁃    PayPal available via the link on our website. 

🥕 Do you need shredded paper? 
   ⁃    No we don’t use shredded paper because it may block their guts. 

🥕 What else do you need? 
   ⁃    Daily items such as hand sanitizers, laundry detergent, hand wash, rags, old sheets etc. For the full list: refer to Wish list

🥕 Have a birthday coming up? 
   ⁃    You can start a fundraiser on our behalf: https://funds-for-special-needs-buns.raisely.com

🥕 Do you offer holiday boarding? 
   ⁃    Yes. Please ring Judi for availabilities.