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Rabbits and Animal

The Orphanage is of the opinion that rabbits and dogs must never be left together unsupervised. Rabbits stress easily as they are prey animals, and the stress of being around a predator may cause a “flight” response, to which a dog, with its natural predator instinct, may give chase and a tragedy could result. Rabbits and Guinea pigs also should not be housed together. Find out why in our articles:

A rabbit and a Dog

Rabbits and Dogs

Rabbit Runaway Orphanage has had many rabbits come into its care after the dog has been “playing” with the rabbit... sadly the rabbits have all died from their injuries.

A Rabbit and a Guinea Pig

Rabbits and Guinea Pigs

Why guinea pigs and rabbits should not be housed together? Rabbits and guinea pigs need different foods to meet their different dietary requirements...

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