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Rabbit Runaway Orphanage was established as a registered charity in 2009.  The struggle to establish the first no kill pet rabbit rescue in Victoria is documented in many of the earlier media articles and shows bias against pet rabbits.   Later articles demonstrate some of the work of the Orphanage.  Please also view RELATED RESEARCH and PETITION

A picture of a woman with a rabbit, in a newspaper


Judi Inglis at Rabbit Run-away orphanage in Olinda urges people to buy a chocolate rabbit rather than a real on this Easter.

Mail - Ranges Trader mail - 09th April 2019

A picture of a woman and a bunny doing yoga, in a blog post

Inner cottontailed peace

here are cat cafes, dog cafes, even goat yoga, and now a collaboration between the Dandenong Ranges Rabbit Run-Away Orphanage and yoga instructor India Barnard has resulted in something that’s both cute and cathartic.

Rangers Trader 26/02/2018

A picture of a woman holding four bunnies, in a Herald Sun article

Rabbit Run-Away Orphanage owners cancel Valentines Day plans to rescue dumped bunnies

OLINDA rabbit rescuers Judi and Bryce Inglis put their love for the animals above their love for each other on Valentine’s Day after taking in a group of seven dumped bunnies.

Herald Sun 18/02/2016

A picture of two women with rabbits, in a blog


We have Dr Judi & Bryce Inglis in the studio, describing their work advocating for the much-misunderstood house rabbit whose welfare is largely ignored in Australia.  Their organisation, Rabbit Run-Away Orphanage, is dedicated to bringing education to all levels of government as well as the public, leading to improved welfare and legal change. 

Freedom of species 22/07/2018

A picture of two women holding bunnies, in a blog post

Forgotten bunnies put hopes in special day

They can bring so much joy into your life, so this National Pet Adoption Day, why not consider making your home a forever home?

Rangers Trader 02/02/2018

A picture of a baby with easter eggs, in a blog

Why Easter is bad for bunnies

While most people associate Easter with holidays and chocolate eggs, those luxuries couldn’t be further from the minds of animal shelters around Victoria.

Rangers Trader 20/03/2018

A picture of a woman and a bunny, in a Herald Sun newspaper article

Rabbit Run-Away Orphanage may need break from accepting bunnies as high vet bills take their toll

AN OLINDA rabbit refuge fears it may have to stop taking in bunnies as it struggles to cope with soaring vet bills of more than $70,000 a year.

Herald Sun 22/04/2016

A bunny watching a television
A bunny wearning headphones

Jon Faine 774 2014


This media was based on the misrepresentation of the Free Press Leader and Herald Sun.  This Jon Faine segment was followed by an interview with Judi Inglis, President of Rabbit Runaway Orphanage, who addressed the inaccuracies in the article the following day at the start of the talkback segment.

A bunny with glasses
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