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Australian House Rabbit Society

The First HRS Chapter in Australia

In September 2013, Dr. Judi and Mr. Bryce Inglis, who established Rabbit Run-away Orphanage, were invited to become an official chapter of the esteemed House Rabbit Society (HRS).  This means that they have formed the very first HRS Australian Chapter in Australia!  At the time of forming the Chapter, they were, together with Lara Nettle, the only three HRS Educators licensed in Australia.


If you feel you have the skills and knowledge to become an educator, please visit our HRS educator application page.


The House Rabbit Society has been established for 25 years and is the oldest and most respected animal welfare organisation for rabbits in the world. In addition, their website is the most complete database on rabbit information across the globe. HRS Chapter Managers have extensive rabbit knowledge, training and hands-on experience and must be a registered charitable rescue. Read more about Bunny information here.


To learn more about the House Rabbit Society USA please visit


This Australian HRS site is being developed, so please do visit to check for updates regularly.


Also visit the Australian House Rabbit Society Facebook page.

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