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Rabbits viruses

The Calici Virus

For information on the Calici Virus RHVD CLICK HERE


In mid January 2016, Lady Charlotte, a special needs rabbit in Rabbit Run-Away Orphanage’s foster care program became ill at her foster home and later died, Lady Charlotte was vaccinated and her vaccination was up to date. A second rabbit in the foster carer’s household also died. Vaccination of the 2nd rabbit was not confirmed. Autopsy and biopsy on both rabbits conducted by our vets and Government Biosecurity confirmed the cause of death was RHVD Type 2  


So what does this mean?   To our knowledge this is the first confirmed case of RHVD Type 2 in Victoria.

The Australian Veterinary Association have put together an information sheet on the Calici Virus to assist our understand and how to best protect our pet rabbits.  Further information is available from Pestsmart

A rabbit named Lady Charlotte

Lady Charlotte RIP Jan 2016


What we know:

  • Lady Charlotte was 4 yrs 6 mths of age approx when she died

  • She was vaccinated on 23 April 2015 and died mid Jan 2016 (8mths and 2 weeks after the vaccine was administered). 

  • There were 4 other rabbits in the same home and 3 are not affected to date. One died from the same virus as Lady Charlotte

The Myxomatosis Virus

Myxomatosis was introduced into Australia in the 1950's to control the wild rabbit population. There is no vaccination for Myxomatosis in Australia.  For information on the Myxomatosis Virus CLICK HERE

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