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Is a Rabbit the right pet for you?

When we consider the addition of a pet to our family, we need to consider if this animal is suited to our current lifestyle. 

  1. Can you keep the rabbit as a INDOOR house pet?

  2. Are there predator animals in the home that can be managed around the rabbit?

  3. Are there young children under 8 yrs that can be managed around the rabbit?

  4. Have you considered the financial cost of vet care?

  5. Can you COMMIT to caring for this animal for the next 10 to 12 years?

If you can answer "yes" to these 5 important questions,  then you may be able to provide an appropriate home for a bunny. 

RABBITS IN RENTAL PROPERTIES: Yes, find out your rights!

The Adoption Process - By appointment only


  • Please review the type of INDOOR setup that is suitable for a rabbit  Click here for more information about indoor housing and ideas.

  • Only call us if you can do an indoor space for the rabbit

  • Ring the Orphanage to see what animals are available on 9751 1229

  • Ring for an appointment to adopt or foster.

  • Send a photo of your setup to the Orphanage as this needs to be approved before you take your bunny home 

send to:


Adoption bond/fee:  $120 per bunny family. 


All of our rabbits are vaccinated, de-sexed, and many are also microchipped.

This fee is paid when you collect your bunny/bunnies or after the trial period. 

There is a two week trial period from the day the rabbit is collected. If the bunny is returned before the 2 week trial period then a full refund will be given.  If the bunny is returned after the trial period (without consultation with the Orphanage) then the bond is non refundable.

Starter Kit for sale (if available):   $120 


We have starter kits for sale which include a

  • pet fence (varies)

  • picnic rug to go under pet fence

  • hay/litter tray

  • water bowl (choice of pattern)

  • salad dish 

  • Hay and pellets, as well as

  • salad greens for the first night home together

  • information sheets on rabbit care.

About Our Permanent Foster Program


Our foster program provides a permanent home for bunnies with existing health challenges. Fostering is for those who are able to provide a permanent INDOOR home for our bunny families or a (VIB) special needs buns.


All vet bills is supported by Rabbit Run-Away Orphanage, if needed and when you go on holidays your foster bunny can be cared for at the orphanage at a reduced rate.


Rabbit foster parents are provided with equipment if needed, at no charge which includes an indoor pet fence, litter trays, hay trays and ongoing training and advice as required


Please call the Orphanage to discuss fostering on 9751 1229.

Bunny Bonding Service - by appointment

We can bond your rabbit if you meet the adoption criteria listed above.

Not all rabbits like each other, so a bunny bonding service is offered to help find the right match for your rabbit.

  • Your rabbit must be de-sexed & vaccinated, prior to a bonding session. 

  • Mature male rabbits MUST wait 12 weeks after neutering for the hormones to settle before attempting bonding.

  • Bonding is best done in a neutral space, at the pace of the rabbits.  Getting to know each other cannot be rushed.

  • Bonding often requires a stay for a few days under supervision while the rabbit work out their hierarchy and dominance.


Cost of Bonding

Although the bonding service is offered free of charge on the day, a donation is accepted towards their accommodation, food and care.


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Please consider our location, your transport & travel time before applying. 

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