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Buy a Bunny a Little Time Sponsorship

Donation: $250

Supporting our local community together

Recognition Through:

  • Certificate of Appreciation

  • Logo on our website

  • Business cards/brochures at the Orphanage

  • Business cards/brochures on our sponsors table at events

  • Afternoon Tea at the Orphanage:  You may organise an afternoon tea at the Orphanage for your employees with a site visit and brief talk by the operators.


This Sponsorship is a great way to help Rabbit Runaway Orphanage in their animal welfare work in your community.  If animal welfare is important to you and your employees, then you can support an organisation that in making positive changes in the community in which you live. 


Benefits to your Business

  • Tax deduction for your business

  • Donating to the Orphanage can help change your business and work culture.

  • Employees respect businesses that contribute to their community in a positive way, leaving the employee with a positive impression and increased loyalty to the business.

  • Demonstrates to current and future clients that you really care about your business and your community.

  • It's good for your community as stray and dumped animals are removed from the streets, desexed and vaccinated and placed into good homes

  • The public will notice when your company is making a real effort to support a charity that works hard to improve animal welfare in their community.


I'd like to be a "Buy a Bunny a Little Time" Sponsor

Other Sponsorships

Buy A Bunny A Little Time

Help support our community

Bronze Sponsor

Sponsor a bunny enclosure for 6 months

Silver Sponsor

Sponsor a 'silver' bunny enclosure for 12 months

Gold Sponsor

Sponsor a 'gold' bunny enclosure for 12 months

Diamond Sponsor

Sponsor a 'bunny medical recovery' cage for 12 months

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