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What to do if you have lost your rabbit

  1. If you have lost your bunny check around your property, in sheds and other places where the bunny may hide or be trapped.   Rabbits can travel into neighbouring properties in any direction and can keep going for blocks.

  2. Put a notice (free of charge) on Lost Pet Finders that can be shared on facebook and lost and found groups.  You can also print out your buns profile and information to place around your neighbourhood.

  3. Contact your local council to find out who is the local pound.  For example the Lost Dogs Home is the council pound for many councils in Melbourne.  Contact the pound or rescue and send them a photo and information of your missing rabbit.  

  4. Leave a note in your neighbors letter boxes or door knock to see if they have found or seen your rabbit. 

  5. Put notices up at local vets and shops and contact any local rescues or your council pound.

  6.  your council may be able to provide the location of your shelter. Check what will happen to the bunny if left at the shelter. The sad fact is that  some shelters will euthanaise stray pets due to space and the large number of pets surrendered.

  7. If you cannot catch the bunny, see if you can secure a possum/cat trap from your local council. If they cannot assist you, please call Rabbit Run-Away Orphanage for advise.

  8. While waiting for assistance, encourage the bunny to visit the same area by leaving water, pellets and fruit, vegetables in the same spot each day, as this will make it easier to catch.  A list of safe vegetables are on an information sheet on this website.

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