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Sponsor Hendrix & Harrison

Sponsor Hendrix & Harrison

About Hendrix & Harrison


Hendrix and Harrison were born onsite when their mother came in to the Orphanage pregnant. These brothers had eight litter mates.

Both the boys had a condition called ‘Floppy Bunny Syndrome’ when they were 12 weeks old.

This condition can be fatal for some as it causes a paralysis of the front and back limbs. If the paraly- sis continues to the heart and lungs, the bunny will not survive. Both brothers regained mobility in 5 days.

They recovered and has been placed in a loving foster home, where the Orphanage continues to supports their ongoing vet care



About Bunny Sponsorship


Providing the gift of life costs the Orphanage $100,000 a year in vet care. Amputations, dental and eye removals are common in rabbits. All mainstream rescues, shelters and pounds send their animals to the Orphanage. We receive no funding and provide an option to euthanasia for these vulnerable creatures. Your gift of life will assist us to continue our work.

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