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Surrendering your Rabbit


Due to capacity and financial constraints we can no longer take animals from the public, unless adopted from us.  We will still prioritise stray animals and those coming from council pounds and other rescue organisations.

However if an animal is old (more than 4 years), disabled or has an ongoing health issue, then please phone us for advise.

First contact your council pound to see if they can help.  A list of council pounds in Victoria are on this link:

Finding a Rescue Group

1. Smooshie Face Treats also has some rescues listed on its site.


2. There is also a list of other rescue that may be able to assist

Surrendering to a Shelter/Pound


If you are considering surrendering your pet to a shelter, be aware that most shelters have periods when they are full to capacity. 


Animals surrendered during this time are at risk of being euthanaised.  If an animal has any suspected health condition, they may be euthanaised.  Mainstream shelters are trying to find options to euthanasia, but this is not always possible with the number of unwanted and lost pets presenting there during peak holiday times.

Useful tips for rehoming your rabbit:


  • Check out the Home to Home rehoming option from the Rescue List

  • If using an online site, never offer a pet for free, this may encourage those looking for food for snakes or the food plate etc.

  • Do not rehome your pet to families who want the rabbit for a young child, and be cautious about rehoming to families with dogs.  Please review our information sheet on dogs and rabbits.

  • Screen the respondents and only place your pet into a home where they will be safe and cared for and considered a long term family pet.

  • Ensure the new family understands the care of the rabbit and is equipped to provided the right environment.  Download the care sheets from this website and ask the right questions when rehoming your pet.

  • A desexed and vaccinated pet rabbit shows a responsible owner and is likely to attract the right type of applicant who is not interested in breeding your pet.


If you are considering rehoming your pet, please ask yourself  these questions:


Why are you actually getting rid of your rabbit, who has possibly bonded with you and relies on you for their survival?


What are the actual problems you are facing?


Can you overcome the problems you are facing with your rabbit?

Many problems can be overcome easily with the right advice.


Rabbit Run-Away Orphanage is here to provide advice and assistance if you have problems with your pet rabbit.

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