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#25,000 of gold to be won!


100% proceeds from ticket sales via the link or QR code support the Rabbit Runaway Orphanage.

1 ticket for $5

5 tickets for $20

10 tickets for 40

15 tickets for $60

20 tickets for $80

30 tickets for $100

*The Raffle closes at 10am (AEST) 1 May 2024.

A cute picture of Yasmin, a bunny.
Baby Bun Vet Care Appeal

With 150% increase of buns that have come through our doors, WE HAVE RUN OUT OF FUNDS FOR VET CARE FOR ALL THE BABIES.

Our limited funds already support all the buns in our permanent foster program. Now, we are in urgent need of financial support to prepare these babies for their new homes. Please help if you can as the vet bills are mounting

All donations are Tax Deductible.

A picture of Lara, a bunny, in a hind leg harness
 VIB Vet Care Appeal

We support the ongoing vet care for rabbits with aging and health concerns. These very important buns VIB come in to us from councils, pounds, shelters that do not have programs in place to support these animals.  This provides an alternative to euthanasia . We need to raise $260,000 per annum for this vet care to continue our work.


All donations are Tax Deductible.

Photo: David Caird Herald Sun

An image of Pabu


A range of gifts for buns and humans, from wine, physical gifts, merchandise, virtual gifts or virtual bunny sponsorships

Lunar New Year hampers are in!



Heathcote Winery

is generously supporting the Orphanage by making this wine available.  All proceeds donated to the OrphanageOrder now in time for the Festive Season

An image of Prince, a cute bunny
Adopt, Foster, Bond

Can you house your bunnies safely indoors to protect them from predators and viruses?

A picture of Nina and Tonto, two bunnies.
Bonding Rabbits

Not all buns like each other, so we offer a bunny dating service to find the right companion for your bun.

An image of Judi and Manny
Bunny Information

Want to know more about how to take care of your pet rabbit? We have everything you need to know

A picture of volunteers
Get Involved

You can help through  Volunteering  or joining our Fundraising activities or starting your own fundraiser

An image of the sponsorship of life
Virtual Gifts

Give a unique and special tax deductible gift to friends who are passionate about animal welfare

A picture of a bunny rabbit with glasses

See the past activities at the Orphanage through our bi-monthly newsletters

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